Monday, March 27, 2017

THIS MEANS WAR: Donald Trump Is Going To Make Paul Ryan Regret What He Did Moments Ago…By Paris Swade

Image Source: Youtube, CNN
Donald Trump is going to fix our taxes. He has an agenda to do so and will keep on striving forward despite the massive failure by Paul Ryan to get the health care bill passed.
We all remember that shameful moment this week so fondly:

“Yes. This does make tax reform more difficult,” Ryan said. “But it does not in any way make it impossible.”
Even though Ryan said that the House would “proceed with tax reform,” he appeared to be less optimistic.
That’s because now we know exactly who Paul Ryan is… pardon my language. Paul Ryan is a giant pussy.
Apparently, President Trump and his administration are getting close to solving the tax issue and are proposing a tax cut for the middle class that will include reforms to corporate taxes.

Let’s get those taxes fixed, but first, we need to get rid of Paul Ryan. He is a snake in the grass and can’t get anything done.

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