Sunday, July 9, 2017

Written by an aquaintance of mine.........Right on point !!

While the world is on fire and hate abounds,riots occur on a regular basis by people dressed in black with faces covered calling the opposition facist's and are tagged "peaceful demonstrations", our president is threatened daily, elected officials fly over seas to speak out against our president and is lauded by many on the left, police are murdered just because they are police; students are staging sit in's demanding safe spaces: the freedom of speech only exists if you are... left of center; black students and professors are demanding segregation; states are asking for government money so they can fight against government laws, some states are disobeying laws because the don't like them ;monuments being moved or destroyed so that we can change history rather than learn from it, schools teaching propoganda; parents losing parental rights, gender identification being rewritten ; news media making the news instead of reporting the news and the list goes on,
I wonder what kind of world my grandchildren will live in ?

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