Wednesday, January 3, 2018

.Carson Wentz is quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles Football team.He is from North Dakota where he was an avid hunter' He also remarks on his love for Jesus. Is Wentz our new Tebow ? NOTE to critics.....hunting is NOT angainst the law and the CONSTITUTION guarantees FREEDOM OF to complainers,,,,SUCK IT UP AND SHUT IT UP !!!.

Carson Wentz defends bird hunting after social media reaction 

Jan 2, 2018  Shalise Manza Young

Injured Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz thought he was posting an innocent enough photo, wishing happy birthday to his beautiful dog.
But since he did it on Twitter, he should have known better.
On Monday, Wentz posted then-and-now photos of his dog, writing, “Happy 5th Birthday to Mama Henley! We’ve been through a lot in 5 years. Best dog and hunting buddy I could ask for!”

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz defended a social media photo of his dog with birds the pair had hunted. (AP)

As you can see, the picture of Mama Henley now has her proudly posing in front of a stack of birds, presumably ones she and Wentz caught together.
Which of course led to at least one person noting that the photo with the birds, “might cause offence” from someone in an influential position.
But Wentz wouldn’t hear it.
“Appreciate that, but offensive and controversial? Two of the main things I tweet about are Jesus and hunting. That’s what I’m passionate about and that won’t ever change!,” Wentz replied. “When you love something, you talk about it! Stay convicted about it and don’t worry what others think!”
As NBC Sports Philadelphia notes, some states, like Arkansas, encourage the killing of certain “nuisance birds” like light geese that harm farms and destroy habitats for other animals.
Wentz tore his ACL last month, dealing the Eagles’ playoff hopes a huge blow. Carson and his older brother, Zach, have their own YouTube channel, “Wentz Bros Outdoors,” where they post videos of their hunting exploits.

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