Saturday, January 13, 2018

"Trump the barbarian" Many presidents use foul language, Nixon was notorious, Biden was caught on open mike telling obama "this is a big f**king deal",so Trumps choice of words may have been bad but he unfortunately is 100% right. We don't need 3rd world counties "migrants" coming to the U.S. and latching onto all our freebee programs. We are already 12 trillion $ in debt. We need people who can contribute to our economy, not those that will DRAIN it.

Trump the Barbarian Wayne Allyn Root Posted: Jan 13, 2018

As usual, the media and liberal critics of
Trump have it all wrong. 

Before I get to DACA and the wall, I will tackle Trump’s
“offensive words” about Haiti and African nations.
Trump supposedly called those countries by a crude
name. He certainly could have chosen his words more
carefully. But…who cares? He told the raw truth. As
usual, he was right on the money. Trump said exactly
(although crudely) what 63 million American taxpayers
who voted for him were thinking.

Trump summed up the weakness of America- we’re far
too nice. We think about everyone but our own people
and our own taxpayers. Why on earth would we allow
the world’s poor, unskilled, desperate and dependent
masses to come into our country while we’re $20 trillion
in debt? Those days are over. It’s time to be picky and

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