Monday, January 15, 2018

Why Readers Upset Over MLK Day Sale Ad Should Settle Down    January 15, 2018 by Tom Knighton
Stores routinely latch onto holidays and tie sales to them. It’s not unusual in the least. After all, holidays are often days when people have the day off and can kind of goof off a bit without too much of a problem, so why not hit a store?

Well, one gun store decided to have a Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday sale and ran an ad. Some are less than pleased with the idea.

“There’s irony and I haven’t seen any other businesses have a sale for Martin Luther King and its so ironic that a gun shop,” said Hanz Herdia.
That irony, as some have pointed out on social media, is because of what Dr. King stood for: non-violence and peaceful protest. Not to mention, the the civil rights leader was assassinated with a gun in Memphis, Tennessee in 1968.
“I do think its in bad taste and i’m sure other people have used historical figures to sell things but it also helps to reflect their morals and it doesn’t in this case,” said Allen Marquez.
Except, well, it seems that Dr. King was a gun owner.

That’s right. You see, while Dr. King advocated for nonviolence when it came to protesting segregation, he wasn’t an idiot. He understood there would be people who would want to see him dead, and he prepared for that.

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