Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Last week it was revealed Ohr was concerned the firing of former FBI director James Comey would "expose" a scheme between DOJ and Steele. 

In the Hot Seat: Jim Jordan Previews Bruce Ohr's House Testimony About Fusion GPS, Steele Dossier...

Demoted Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr is testifying behind closed doors on Capitol Hill Tuesday about his connection to British spy Christopher Steele. Steele is the spy who compiled the Fusion GPS dossier on Donald Trump, which was paid for by the Clinton campaign.

Ohr is voluntarily testifying today and answering questions about his wife Nellie Ohr, who was hired at Fusion GPS to do opposition research on Trump and his campaign

During a short interview this morning Congressman Jim Jordan, who has been at the forefront of exposing Fusion GPS ties to the Obama Justice Department, previewed some of the questions
lawmakers are looking to ask.

"I want to know who at DOJ knew," Jordan said. "We have lots of questions

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