CNN led the media charge blaming Donald Trump for a series of suspicious packages mailed to Democrats and CNN.
They claimed his violent rhetoric incited the bomber.
But they were hiding a secret about who may have really been responsible.
CNN pounced on the packages mailed to top Democrats like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama – as well as one to CNN – to try and score political points against Trump.
The political narrative turned against the Democrats in October.
Americans rejected their attempts to use women who lied about Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulting them to stop his confirmation.
And the migrant mob marching through Central America has terrified voters.
Democrats’ response was to oppose any attempt by Trump to stop the migrant invasion.
So CNN seized on the suspicious package to change the narrative.

They pushed the story that Trump had whipped Americans into such hatred that a crazed bomber tried to kill Democrats and members of the media.