Friday, November 16, 2018

Leaked Podesta Email Suggests Justice Scalia was Assassinated - Truth And Action

The late US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had become not only a critic of the decisions that the liberal wing of the Supreme Court made, but a critic of the Supreme Court itself,
calling the institution a “threat to American democracy.”

He also went so far as to support what is often referred to as a “conspiracy theory,” that
FEMA camps are being established for the purpose of the detention of Americans, stating that Americans were “kidding themselves” if they didn’t believe that the camps and their nefarious purposes exist.

Clearly this talk was not coming from someone on the fringe of society, but from a man who was at the pinnacle of his profession — a US Supreme Court justice, no less. So when he made comments like these , it was not possible for opponents to write what he said off as the ravings of someone on the lunatic fringe. Scalia, by his position and stature, demanded attention, forcing his statements into the national discourse while offering support for ideas those on the left want hidden from the public.


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