Tuesday, November 20, 2018

So....obama still getting in Trumps way....Trump can't even PROTECT our country from foreign invasion without obama (in one way or another) interfering. It was my understanding Trumps' ban was temporary, because of the thousands of "immigrants" coming through Mexico from Honduras, which can only be called an invasion.

An Obama-Appointed Federal Judge Just Blocked Trump's Asylum BaTuesday, November 20, 2018

HOUSTON -- A federal judge barred the Trump administration from refusing asylum to immigrants who cross the southern border illegally.

President Donald Trump issued a proclamation on Nov. 9 that said anyone who crossed the southern border between official ports of entry would be ineligible for asylum. As the first of several caravans of migrants have started arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border, Trump said an asylum ban was necessary to stop what he's attacked as a national security threat.

But in his ruling Monday, U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar agreed with legal groups that immediately sued, arguing that U.S. immigration law clearly allows someone to seek asylum even if they enter the country between official ports of entry.

"Whatever the scope of the President's authority, he may not rewrite the immigration laws to impose a condition that Congress has expressly forbidden," said Tigar, a nominee of former President Barack Obama.

IDEA....Take all the immigrants asking for asylum and deliver them to Judge Jon Tigars residence to await their hearings. NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES !!

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