Saturday, March 9, 2019

From Sherine Elgammal: "Here’s what I learned from living in a Muslim country".

The prayers Muslims say five times a day spout hateful bias towards Jews and Christians. Most Muslims are taught to repeat the part condemning Jews and Christians, so they are actually repeating condemnation about 10-15 times per day.

This is brainwashing at its finest.

At least 64% of the Quran condemns non-Muslims. A large percentage of that number specifically names Jews and Christians in this condemnation.

Imams always use Quran verses in their sermons at mosques. With the Quran so heavily based on condemning Jews and Christians and preaching Islamic supremacy and conquest, most all sermons are very anti-Jew and/or anti-Christian.

The ONLY Muslims that befriended me and/or that I could trust, were Muslims who did not say the five daily prayers and who did not go to mosque. I call them non-practicing Muslims (they were born Muslim but never practiced the religion). They were people who were not brainwashed and who thought for themselves.

Over a ten-year period, as Islamists gained more power, they were able to socially force men to go to mosque by harassing men who were found on the streets on Friday during the main Friday prayers. You either went to mosque or remained in your home. Over time, shops didn’t open (shopkeepers got harassed), nothing opened until after the big prayer and sermon.

Then, Islamists began socially forcing men to stop work during the weekday to go attend mosque at the various prayer times. If you didn’t stop your work to go pray, you could lose your job. The result was, men who never prayed, and who never went to mosque, were forced to. They began to say the words of hate and become brainwashed. They went to mosque and heard the hateful preaching.

I went to university in Cairo; my classmates were Muslim. I worked in Cairo; my colleagues were Muslim. But because of this enforcement of prayers and mosque attendance, over time, many people who I thought were my friends alienated themselves from me--and some became hateful towards me.

When you see this woman’s face, know that there are millions like her in America. And realize—she is a member of Congress. She was placed there for a reason. You’d better unite for the fight and get better organized for that fight. Because it's coming."

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G.W. Long said...

Here is an interesting video about her and the other 6 new members of congress that has so many people scratching their heads. These women are DANGEROUS. But their PROGRESSIVE PUPPET MASTERS ARE DEADLY TO THIS NATION.

Please watch this 25 minute video. WARNING: Buckle your Seatbelt FIRST.

Post and share please. This info needs to be seen and heard.