Monday, May 3, 2021

Tell Washington: Reject Biden's Tax and Spend "Infrastructure" Plan.....Less than 7% of President Biden’s new “infrastructure” plan goes to roads and bridges! More wasteful spending we don’t need

TAKE ACTION NOW....President Biden's $4 trillion "infrastructure" plan isn't about roads and bridges - it is another attempt to leverage one of our nation's great challenges in order to enact a list of partisan policies we know won't work at the worst possible time.

The proposal contains trillions in new spending for programs that would harm the economy and that have nothing to do with improving "infrastructure."

And how would Washington pay for it? With tax hikes that would worsen our devastated economy, hurt workers' wages, crush small business - only to fall far short of actually paying for this partisan wish list.

This proposal would also...
  • Raise taxes on families and businesses by trillions of dollars.
  • Mandate more government control over health care
  • Implement elements of the "Green New Deal" by dishing out special interest subsidies & carveouts
  • Spend trillions of dollars more in unrelated and ineffective spending
  • Impose pieces of the anti-worker PRO act, hurting workers, businesses, and independent contractors
I urge you to focus on smartly and effectively addressing our infrastructure needs without massive new spending and tax increases.

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