Thursday, June 30, 2022

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Jovan Pulitzer June 27th  Arizona Forensic Testimony

On Monday, Jovan Pulitzer testified about the staggering, preliminary findings of his team's ongoing forensic investigation of the 2020 General Election in Maricopa County, Arizona.

This included a highly-detailed video presentation, which begins at roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes into this full video of Right Side Broadcasting's livestream of the event.


During his live presentation, he describes how every conceivable form of fraud was deployed; digital, mail, Social Security, mules, dead voters, phantom voters, COVID, etc., etc.

COVID was first reported in the US in January. July 4th was the first holiday where people were told to stay home. By August, 38 states decided to go all-in on mail-in ballots.

But back on March 1st, Runbeck Election Services, a government contractor placed the largest order in history for ballot envelope stuffing machines. This was two weeks before the infamous "Two weeks to flatten the curve" emergency was even declared. Jovan asks, "How did they know?"

Jovan describes the US Postal Service's Mail Cover system, which snaps photographs of the front and back of all pieces of mail sent, storing the images for 6 years for investigational purposes.

He says that the USPS stopped its Mail Cover program on April 1st and image storage was changed from 6 years to 30 days. After Biden was installed, it was turned back on, indicating that this fraud went up to the highest levels of the US Government.

Jovan says, "If I wanted to buy every politician in the country making these decisions, there's about 7,000 of them. And if I made a deal with them, 'I'm going to pay $1 million a year if you look the other way', it's going to cost me $7, where's the money and how is it hidden?...We discovered 10,000 people using the exact same Social Security Number...

"See if this one rings true: You take an illegal, you bring 'em in. They sign a piece pf paper promising to pay taxes. What they get is a Social Security Number, so the employers can take out the taxes...

"Here's what they do...they will bring in hundreds of illegals. They will spread them out all over these plants and factories, giving them jobs. They're all using the same Social Security Number. The IRS, unconnected are names from 
the Social Security Number, now, when you look it up, it just pings to see if there's an employer. If there is, it says it's good, it validates it.

"Why do they do that? Because all of these factories are giving them Social Security Numbers, the Government turns its back on it, as soon as you have a Social Security Number and you go over to Motor Voter, pass the driver's test, you get a driver's license... that's how they pack the rolls.


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