Monday, August 15, 2022

Obama Caught On Video: “You Just Have To…”   

Man these people are vile!
Yesterday we brought you Nancy Pelosi captured on video explaining how to smear someone.
How charming!
She walks you through step-by-step.
If you missed it, you can see that here:

This is really something… A new clip is going viral today of Nancy Pelosi where she breaks down and explains exactly how one of her “dirty political tricks” works. It’s called the “Wrap Up Smear” — isn’t it nice how she names them? The video clip appears to perhaps be from around the 2017 era … Continue reading

And now today it just so happens we have Obama caught in asimilar moment.
This is really ugly an disgusting, but the clip is real.  

LISTEN to every word.

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Anonymous said...

I believe that someone cut the part out of those speeches where the speaker said "this is how the other side operates"

explainist said...

It looks like they cut off the start, where he said something like "the way the right operates is", but it is yet another example of the left accusing the right of doing what the left does.