Thursday, January 26, 2023

Could President Biden's classified documents scandal evolve into a counter-espionage case?    Story by Fox News Staff • 9h ago 

RealClearInvestigations reporter Paul Sperry said the classified documents scandal involving President Biden is "a lot more serious" than that of former President Donald Trump and could potentially evolve into a "counter-espionage case."

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel earlier in January tol involving President Biden is "a lot more serious" than that of former President Donald Trump and could potentially evolve into a "counter-espionage case." investigate Biden's alleged mishandling of classified documents after four sets were found at the Penn Biden Center and in the garage of the president's Delaware home.

"Biden was stockpiling classified documents. His son and brother were taking millions from Chinese bagmen under investigation for bribing world leaders. So Biden's case is potentially a counter-espionage case, which is a much bigger deal than just handling or mishandling documents," Sperry said Wednesday on "Jesse Watters Primetime."

Host Jesse Watters highlighted how the Penn Biden Center reportedly received millions of dollars from the Chinese government and how Hunter Biden allegedly shared an office with Kevin Dong, an associate of the Chinese energy company CEFC.

"So Hunter Biden actually closed — shut down that office right after one of his other — in that office in D.C., in Georgetown, actually, he had given the keys to this guy, Kevin Dong, and so he had access to that," Sperry explained.

"But right after another Chinese partner of his, a guy named Patrick Ho, his office for CEFC was raided, we learned recently from some law enforcement documents, was actually raided on the other side of the Potomac in Arlington, Virginia. Right after that, this is in 2017, late 2017, Hunter shuts down his office, and then Joe Biden opens his office in D.C. at the Penn Biden Center, which of course, is where some of the classified documents were transferred to."

Watters asked Sperry if he was suspicious of anything else about the Biden family's alleged ties to China.

"Yeah, so we also learned from some of these federal law enforcement documents that the whole situation was so serious in terms of the counterintelligence concerns with the Bidens and their Chinese partners that the feds actually put the Chinese partners under a FISA surveillance, and at the same time, they were monitoring the Bidens' communications with those Chinese partners."

House Republicans opened an investigation into Biden and his family, alleging the president himself was actively involved in his son's business dealings.

GOP lawmakers released a report in November that claimed they had uncovered evidence of a conspiracy to defraud the U.S., wire fraud, violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, money laundering, tax evasion and other crimes.

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Dan said...

It's looking like the DNC doesn't want Pedo Joe running again in 2024. This manufactured crisis will be the excuse to keep him from running? And that is as far as it goes. Nothing else will happen to anybody involved and Pedo Joe won't be punished....just force to "retire".