Sunday, March 26, 2023

FBI Facial Recognition Confirms Majority of Initial Capitol Breachers Were Federal Agents  

Forbidden Knowledge Mar 17, 2023

Based on his communications with federal whistleblowers internal to the Biometrics Services Section of the Criminal Justice Information Services Division, Pete Santilli corroborates Tucker Carlson's claim that the J6 footage had been run through Facial Recognition software to identify the individuals who broke into the Capitol Building on January 6th, 2021.

In this video, AT END OF ARTICLE which Pete made a few days later, he was more direct. He said:

"The Biometrics Services Section of the Criminal Justice Information Services Division, the entire team that did the facial recognition for January 6th, the initial breach, determined there were military people, there were Joint Terrorism Task Force people. The majority of the people at that initial breach, that caused the barricades to come down were, in fact Feds – including Ray Epps...

"Tucker Carlson has been threatened. They shut Tucker Carlson down, because there's video tapes that if Tucker Carlson releases it, that hasn't been generally known to the public, it's going to reveal the military personnel that need to be – if I find one of you, if I find one of you wearing civilian clothes, I'm going to personally come to you. Personally. With a bunch of my friends. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. You guys remain anonymous.

"Or, you know what you can do? Come forward and do the right thing. 'Cause you broke the freaking law. You did. And if you were told that, you know, you were able to skirt Constitutional Law, we need to have General Milley arrested, tried and convicted, Pelosi arrested and tried and convicted for Treason. It's a military coup right now.

"If you're in the military - get the word out, Folks – we will either expect one of two things: You're either going to come forward or when we find you, we will have zero mercy. Zero mercy. And that's not a threat, either.

"'Cause I know a bunch of people, if you think you're a Special Forces Operator, I know a whole bunch of them. They're hiding in the freaking hills. They know who you are. They're going to deal with you."

Pete says, the majority of those who were alongside Ray Epps, at the first breach, who knocked down the barricades at the Capitol steps and who were the first to break into the Capitol, they were Federal Agents who were there as provocateurs, which Pete says made it difficult for the DOJ to find anyone to prosecute.

He was told there were Special Forces Operatives at the Capitol in uniform, along with the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force members in plain clothes. In addition to these Federal Agents, there were also Ukrainian Azov Battalion (Nazi) members associated with John McCain and Lindsey Graham going back to the 2014 overthrow days and this is why the FBI would not release the facial recognition data to Tucker Carlson.

Pete says there are internal whistleblowers who are prohibited from discussing this openly and would have to do so under oath and in court. Sadly, many of the judges are corrupt and don't want these facts to come out, so they're not calling these witnesses – such as US District Court Judge Tim Kelly, who is currently presiding over the Proud Boys case.

Despite the fact that the FBI accidentally revealed data which shows they have been lying and despite the fact that this is now out in the Mainstream Media – and that the House has vowed to investigate the matter – Judge Kelly, who had suspended the trial last Wednesday has now resumed the trial, to which Pete says, "I'm going to have to call it what it is: that Judge Kelly, at this point, is now complicit, as part of this Color Revolutionary attempt to overthrow the United States of America by not doing the right thing ."

At the same time that the truth about January 6th is blowing up in the Fifth Column Traitors' faces, the Silicon Valley Bank crisis is being artificially engineered to change the narrative. It also distracts attention away from the ecological disaster in East Palestine Ohio, it distracts away from Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s comment last week that Americans kids will fight the war in Ukraine, it distracts from Russia's recent victories in Ukraine, it distracts from the Chinese-brokered Saudi-Iran diplomatic deal, it creates an artificial crisis to "solve" that makes Biden look competent, it creates an opportunity to raise the debt ceiling and it creates an opportunity to further the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Pete says we're witnessing the controlled demolition of our financial system to usher in Joe Biden's Executive Order 14067, which outlines the implementation of the CBDC.

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