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Of course the Wash. Post would put the Confederate flag up there. These protesters were not affiliated with the southern states. While a few carried this flag, I take offense to the linking of the protest to the south. And it was a protest, not a riot...Want to see a riot, look up ANTIFA & BLM !

Some Jan. 6 rioters win early release, even before key Supreme Court ruling     Story by Spencer Hsu • 19h The Washington Post

Some Jan. 6 rioters win early release, even before key Supreme Court ruling© Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images
Federal judges have begun ordering the early release pending appeal of Jan. 6 defendants who challenged their sentences even though the Supreme Court is a week away from hearing arguments on whether a key charge brought against them is legally sound.

A Delaware man who carried a Confederate flag into the Capitol will be let go one year into his three-year term. An Ohio man who overran police lines and became one of the first rioters to enter the Capitol will be set free six months into a 19-month term. And a man who entered the just-evacuated Senate chamber with a Trump flag as a cape was released after serving five months of a 14-month term.

If the Supreme Court ultimately determines the charge they faced was legitimate, they and others who are released early pending appeal could be ordered to return to prison — but that is not a certainty.

The truncated sentences are the latest complications in the prosecution of more than 350 Jan. 6 defendants under a federal statute that makes it a crime to obstruct or impede an official proceeding — in this case, Congress’s joint session to confirm Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential victory.

In December, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a consolidated challenge by three men whose lawyers argue that the law — passed by Congress after the Enron scandal to criminalize document shredding by the collapsed company’s accounting firm — is limited to destroying evidence in governmental investigations. Fourteen of 15 trial judges upheld prosecutors’ use of the law to charge rioters who obstructed Congress’s election certification vote, but one judge in the U.S. District Court in Washington — Trump-appointed Judge Carl J. Nichols, who served in George W. Bush’s Justice Department — disagreed, ruling the law applied only to tampering or destruction of evidence such as records or documents.

Jacob Chansley, right with fur hat, and other rioters are confronted by U.S. Capitol Police officers outside the Senate Chamber on Jan. 6, 2021.© Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP

If you watched the REAL video, you'd see the officers giving these people a GUIDED TOUR


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