Saturday, June 15, 2024

Where we stand being $35 Trillion in DEBT !

 From a friend.

According to this article the United States followed by China and Japan lead the World in public debt. The U.S. is $35 Trillion, followed by China at $15 Trillion and Japan at $10 Trillion. I assume all that data is converted to U.S. Dollars to be comparable. Friends that is a total of $50 Trillion with the U.S. share being 34% of the World total public debt in 2023! There are no plans to pay any of it off!

Yet the United States has pledged up to $21 Billion to the International Monetary Fund to help--get this now--relieve global debt!

To do that will not the United States have borrow another $21 Billion on top of the $35 Trilliln we already owe???? Who is minding this Bailey Brothers Building and Loan? Janet Yellen? Antony Winken Blinken? Please do not say Kamala Harris! I am certain Biden is not, he and Jill are trying to find the outhouse on Omaha Beach!

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Dan said...

What cannot continue won't. Collapse is inevitable. Question being what happens next