Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Do you agree with this?

Trayvon Martin Being Awarded Posthumous Degree

This just royally ticks me off. Florida Memorial University should
be ashamed of themselves. They are posthumously awarding
Trayvon Martin a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation. What
the hell for? He broke the law and attacked George Zimmerman.
He got shot in the process and died. Zimmerman’s life was ruined
all because he did the right thing. It started a racial conflict and
cop-hatred that is still smoldering out there. He died five years ago.

They are honoring a criminal because he loved planes. How sweet. I bet they honor Assata Shakur as well for killing a cop in cold blood. His parents will accept the degree on his behalf. SMH. He was not a victim of violence… he was a violent criminal and they know it. This is deplorable. This was a catalyst for the Black Lives Matter group that is full of racist black militants and hatred.|By Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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