The so-called “mainstream” media has spent months painting a picture of the Trump campaign and Russian operatives working hand in glove to rig the 2016 election.
They’ve painted a picture of an espionage operation out of a spy thriller like The Americans.
But one former CIA official revealed the most shocking accusation of collusion in the 2016 election.
Edward Price worked for the CIA and also served on Barack Obama’s National Security Council.
So it’s not surprising that he leveled allegations of collusion with the Russians.
But it was who he said worked with the Russians that stopped everyone cold in their tracks.
Price claimed it was the media that really colluded with the Kremlin.
NTK Networks reports:
“Edward Price, a former CIA employee who served as a top spokesman and a senior director for President Obama’s National Security Council, accused the media of colluding with Russian intelligence officials during the 2016 presidential election while taking part in a panel discussion at the Aspen Security Forum on Thursday.
The panel discussion titled “The Kremlin Plan to Beat the West without Firing a Shot,” dealt with Russian’s involvement in the 2016 election and was moderated by CNN’s Jim Sciutto.
During the discussion, Price took exception with how the media covered Russia’s involvement in the election citing October 7, 2016, as the most vivid example of the media’s poor coverage of Russia’s role.
On October 7, Price noted when the United States government formally attributed the meddling in the election to the most senior levels of the Russian government, the Donald Trump “Access Hollywood” tape was released, and John Podesta’s emails started getting released.

“From October 7th to November 8th, there was a media frenzy on John Podesta’s emails focused on the substance and the content but not the origins,” Price remarked.”
Price explained the media aided Russia by not covering the October 7th announcement by the Obama administration that Russia was behind the cyber attacks on the Democrat National Committee and Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta.
NTK Networks also reports:
“It wasn’t just the statement… and this term is a loaded but the collusion on the part of certain elements in the media and Guccifer 2.0, the Russian cyber persona, who would send scoops to individual reporters and say, ‘hey you should take a look at this,’” Price responded. “And then lo and behold, major media outlets would write on the scoops provided by this Russian intelligence officer.”
CNN’s Sciutto took objection to Price’s accusation that the media colluded with Russia and asked Price to explain what he meant.
Price stood by his claim telling Sciutto to call it, “cooperation, collusion, whatever you want.”
Sciutto pointed out that collusion implies willing corporation.
“At a certain point, you had to have blinders and earmuffs on not to know that Guccifer 2.0 was a Russian intelligence official,” Price responded.”
It should be noted that everything Guccifer 2.0 and WikiLeaks published was accurate.
Their email dumps showed collusion between the media and Democrats during the 2016 campaign.
Compliant reporters were fed questions to ask Republicans, and primary debate questions were leaked to Hillary Clinton.
Claiming the media colluded with the Russians because accurate news was reported is one of the most bizarre conspiracy theories floated about the 2016 election.