The so-called “mainstream” media and Democrats are kicking the Russia hysteria into high gear.
They believe they finally have the evidence to take out Donald Trump.
But Trey Gowdy just shut them down with one response.
Gowdy is the Chairman of the Oversight Committee.
He is also playing a key role in the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into alleged Russian meddling.
So he knows the ins and outs of the various congressional inquiries into the 2016 election.
When it was announced that White House advisor Jared Kushner attended a meeting with Donald Trump Jr. where a Russian lawyer promised information of illegal activity on the part of the Clinton campaign, the media leapt at the story.
They believed they finally had evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.
The story dominated cable news, and pundits spouted about treason and how this meeting could spell the end of Trump.
Not so fast, said Trey Gowdy.
Kushner met behind closed doors with the Senate Intelligence Committee and planned to meet with the House Intelligence Committee as well.
Gowdy said this is the proper way an investigation should run and noted that in Kushner’s prepared remarks to the Senate Intelligence Committee he denied any collusion.
Fox News reports: