Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Georgia Woman Found Glued to Store Toilet Seat

Woman accused of gluing herself to seat.

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|  Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013  |  Updated 2:15 PM
Investigators say no other person entered the bathroom (not the one shown in this file image) with enough time to glue the seat
   Investigators suspect a north Georgia woman hurt after being glued to a toilet seat in a Home Depot restroom put herself in the sticky position, according to a report. 
   Paramedics had to be called to remove Illyanna De La Keur from the glue-covered seat just before Thanksgiving, according to reports.
    Someone spread a layer of Loctite GO2 glue over each toilet seat; a bottle of the glue was later found by the manager of the store, the Morris News Service reported. A Banks County sheriff’s investigator described the glue as construction-grade.
    Paramedics used WD-40 to free De La Keur, however she left with ripped skin and wounds, the Atlanta Journal reported. Her sister captured video of the ordeal.
    De La Keur called her injuries painful and embarrassing. She said she didn't understand why she wasn't taken to an emergency room so a doctor could remove the seat, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported. Home Depot said a third party was handling the case, the paper also reported.
    Upon reviewing video footage, investigators said no other person had entered the bathroom with enough time to have pulled the prank, Deputy Sheriff Carissa McFaddin told the Morris News Service.
    “There is no evidence to show that someone did it besides who was in there," McFaddin said.
 Investigators said there was not enough evidence to charge anyone.

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