Friday, December 13, 2013

Hawaii survivor: Plane lost power, then glided

AMAZING .....THE ONLY ONE [OUT OF NINE] TO DIE, JUST HAPPENED TO BE THE ONE WHO VERIFIED OBAMAS BIRTH CERTIFICATE AS GENUINE     In the final moments of her life, Fuddy clung to the hand of her deputy, Keith Yamamoto, while floating in the water. Fuddy, who became widely known in 2011 for her role in making President Barack Obama's birth certificate public, held hands with Yamamoto as he tried to help her relax, said the Rev. Patrick Killilea, who consoled Yamamoto after the ordeal.


HONOLULU (AP) — When a small commercial plane's lone engine failed, the nine people on board stayed calm as the plane glided toward the ocean and then made a remarkably smooth belly landing, a survivor recounted Friday.

C. Phillip Hollstein, a 70-year-old Kailua man, swam to a rugged shoreline about a half-mile away after the crash, guessing it took about 90 minutes.

Hollstein said Friday that the single-engine turboprop plane had just taken off from Molokai and was making a turn toward Honolulu when it seemed like something on the plane broke.

"We probably weren't a minute out," he said. "It wasn't real loud or anything. Just a muffled bang. Then we were a glider."

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