Monday, January 6, 2014

Southport, NC cop shoots tased and restrained 90-pound HS student after allegedly stating, “we don’t have time for this.”

I’ve read three different accounts of the death of 5’3,” 90-pound Keith Vidal at his home, and each one is horrific.
This is how the Star News describes the situation.
He said lawmen initially responded to the home after Vidal, who celebrated his birthday last month, picked up a screwdriver and refused to put it down.
Two responding officers were able to calm Vidal before another officer walked into the family’s home, Wilsey said.
It was when the third officer walked in that the 90-pound teen was stunned with a Tazer and fell to the floor. Vidal was then shot in the chest, Wilsey told reporters.
 This, according to the iReport, is Keith Vidal.
The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation has launched an investigation into Vidal’s killing.

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