Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How do we know only black democrats were offered the bribes ? Attny Gen. Kathleen Kanes WORD ? You know she wouldn't lie to us.

Democrats in Pennsylvania Accepted Bribes to Oppose Voter Identification Laws

Katie Pavlich | Mar 19, 2014         

Pennsylvania Democrats have been caught red handed allegedly accepting bribes in return for their opposition to voter identification law in the Keystone State. According to PJ Media's J. Christian Adams, lumps of cash and expensive Tiffany & Co. jewelry were accepted by Democrats and exchanged for votes against voter identification legislation in 2012. Despite the bribes and the no votes, the legislation passed but was struck down by a judge earlier this year.

Naturally, the Democratic Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane hasn't charged Democratic legislators for their alleged misconduct. As usual, Kane is crying racism over the allegations.

Apparently in this case, lawmakers can get away with potential criminal activity so long as they have the right skin color. The investigation into these kinds of bribes started in 2010 under Republican Attorney General Tom Corbett but was quickly snuffed out as soon as Democrat Kathleen Kane took over the position. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder doesn't seem interested in filing criminal charges against Pennsylvania Democrats either despite the Department of Justice paying special attention to voter identification laws in the state.
So even though they are guilty, THESE BLACK DEMOCRATS WON'T BE PROSECUTED

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