Thursday, March 20, 2014

HUH ???

ABSURD: Gun Tattoo Leads to SWAT Call

Gun Tattoo
“He’s got ink!”
Police forces really need to stop rolling out their SWAT units seemingly for each and every call:
Tree trimmers working for Central Maine Power Co. woke Smith up as they were about to cut branches around electrical lines outside his home in Norridgewock.
Wearing only pants, Smith went out into the icy day and ordered the crew from Lucas Tree Experts to get off his property. One worker saw the tattoo and, thinking Smith had a pistol in his waistband, called police.
The cops showed up in force and surrounded Smith’s home armed with AR-15s over a crude tattoo.
I can only imagine that they freak out every time pop tart Rihanna slips into a bikini. She has three gun tattoos, including a large on on her thigh.
rihanna gun tattoo on leg 9p;9

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