Sunday, April 6, 2014

It’s Easier to Hunt with Your Kids, Than for Them

 Doug Giles | Apr 06, 2014                     
Last month, artist, patriot and rebel photographer Ben Phillipi slipped down to photograph me for his forthcoming firearm book, We The People. Ben’s book showcases unashamed, gun-loving patriots, from every walk of life, that love this great land’s founding principles, especially that pesky second amendment that perpetually ticks off the controlling progressives.
After Ben had enough pics of my aging mug and my lovely guns, we sat down for a video interview for One of the questions Ben put across my bow was “What difference does hunting make to the person who hunts?” As usual, I gave several amazing answers and, like most of the interviews I do, I usually slap my head a few days later for forgetting to say something that was really important. Oh, well, I blame it on a combination of getting old and becoming excited like Borat when I get on camera.
Anyhoo, the thing I wish I would’ve added was that if you take your kids hunting it’s cheaper than taking them to rehab later on in life. The point being, at least the way I’ve done it and have seen it done via proper instructions and love, there is healing in the wings of the family that hunts together.        View Full Article

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