Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The United Nations has delivered it latest report on climate change and, as to be expected, it paints a grim picture. Moreover, the report spells out specific steps we must take immediately if we are to save the planet from mankind. (Hint: less cheeseburgers)
Recommendations of Working Group III of the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (whew!):
  • More regulation from “experts”, technocrats and bureaucrats at supranational organizations, such as the one whose initials begin with U and end with N
  • More taxpayer subsidies for expensive, inefficient renewable energy
  • More nuclear power (with shale gas used as a transitional fuel to replace coal)
  • The abandonment of fossil fuels
  • Less meat consumption
  • A single, globally-regulated price for carbon dioxide
  • More local-government-enforced walking, cycling and public transportation
  • More back-door wealth redistribution from the West to the developing world in the name of “sustainability”
All at a cost to the global economy of up to 3.7 per cent of GDP by 2030, provided we “act now,” mind you.
The report notes that almost half of the rise in post-industrial anthropogenic (man-made) CO2 levels since 1750 occurred during the last forty years. Therefore, it argues, a dramatic decarbonization of the world economy – including more renewable energy and less fossil fuel – must begin immediately if global warming is to be kept below 2 degrees C by the end of the century.
Can someone please explain to me what man-made anything produced CO2 in 1750?
Once again, the hysterical hand-wringing of the UN over “global warming” flies in the face of NASA scientists, who found that 95% of climate models used since 1979 are flat-out wrong. Additionally, recent studies prove that not only did the earth stop “warming” 17 years ago – it is not projected to warm again until at least the 2030s.
Still, you better eat that last steak while you can; there’s no telling when the feds (or the Blue Helmets) will show up at your door to grab your beef.
Oh, and they’ll be walking, cycling or using public transportation, of course.

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