Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Boots on the Ground: White House weighs Iraq rescue mission, yet claims no ‘combat role’   Published August 13, 2014                      

The White House appeared to walk a fine line Wednesday as a team of armed U.S. troops arrived in Islamic State-held territory in northern Iraq to plan a possible rescue mission, yet officials insisted they would not be in a "combat role."Since president obama announced last Thursday that he had authorized airstrikes in Iraq, he and his deputies have stressed that U.S. combat troops will not return to the warzone. But amid concerns that the "limited" airstrikes against Islamic State militants are having a limited impact, his security team is reviewing new options for potentially rescuing the thousands of Yazidi refugees stuck on a mountain and relying strictly on aid drops for food and water.One of those options, a White House official indicated Wednesday, could include ground troops -- just not combat troops.                                                                STORY AND VIDEO

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