Thursday, October 2, 2014

Patterns: Another Oklahoma Muslim, Jacob Muriithi, Almost Beheaded A Coworker
Jacob Muriithi Beheading   By   September 29, 2014
Remember Alton Nolen? This potential domestic jihadi from Oklahoma beheaded a coworker last week. The liberal mainstream media not surprisingly rushed to blame the attack on workplace violence and not terrorism, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
Fast forward to today, when KFOR-TV revealed that 30-year-old Oklahoma resident Jacob Mugambi Muriithi “is being held on a terrorism charge after allegedly threatening to behead a female coworker“:
According to Capt. Dexter Nelson, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, a woman working at the Bellevue Nursing Home filed a police report on Sept. 16, claiming a co-worker made a comment to her that made her worried.
The alleged victim claims 30-year-old Jacob Muriithi started speaking with her after noticing that she was wearing a Star of David necklace.
The police report claims that Muriithi told the victim that he “represented ISIS.”
When asked what that meant, the arrest affidavit claims that Muriithi told her “they kill Christians by cutting off their heads.”
According to a report by an Oklahoma City police detective, the alleged victim asked Muriithi why, to which he replied “that is just what we do.”
This guy basically tried to beat Alton Nolen to the punch, though he thankfully failed. Regardless, do you see a pattern here, folks? I know that the liberal mainstream media would be loathe to admit it, but we seem to have a whole lot of domestic jihadis in our midst.
Here’s a fact: radical Islam is a serious threat to our nation. What’s not necessarily a fact but nonetheless evident is that the threat of radical Islam is more than just a foreign one – that radical Islamic jihadis hellbent on killing us are apparently already here among us .

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