Sunday, February 8, 2015

Green Berets Offer Truth About The War In Afghanistan That obama Is Trying To Conceal
Could president obama be wrong about America plausibly being out of Afghanistan by 2016? A group of Elite Army Green Berets certainly seems to think so!
While our armed forces are reported to only be in Afghanistan to provide support to the Afghan National Army – also known as ANA – some Green Berets are revealing the truth about how this is simply not the case. They claim that ANA tends to shy away during actual combat and are simply not capable of handling the intense turmoil of the region.
In fact, one officer has claimed that if American forces retreat, the ANA will “scatter like ashes in a [breeze.]”
More of the American civilian public are beginning to doubt what President obama has told them about our presence in Afghanistan and the entirety of the Middle East. While it’s easy for pundits on the news to speculate about what might be happening, no one knows the truth like our returning veterans who have actually fought in the region.
While our troops aren’t afraid to step into the line of fire, the ANA prefers to hide. Since the threat of the Taliban is very real, retreating by 2016 simply may no longer be an option. Perhaps president obama should quit listening to his non-military advisers and instead listen to these Green Berets who have actually seen Afghanistan with their own eyes.

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