Monday, February 9, 2015

Obama Irate Over Ben Carsons Latest Comments On CNN

Dr. Ben Carson is a hopeful 2016 presidential candidate who appeared on CNN for an interview dealing with the recent outbreak of the measles virus. His views on the current controversy have seriously opposed President Obama’s notions on immigration.

Dr. Carson explained that in his opinion the outbreak is very likely caused by the rapid surge of illegal immigrants entering the United States without any repercussions. These immigrants, he claims, could be entering the country already infected with the live virus and likely without any medical precautions for catching and spreading the disease. In 2000, the United States had determined that measles had been eliminated. After the year 2000, however, between 37 and 200 people have reported suffering from the measles each year ( Because of this, Dr. Carson explains President Obama’s lenient immigration practices should take the blame for the sweeping measles outbreak. Michael Savage, the talk-show host, went so far as to call what Obama has done “medical genocide.”

Dr. Carson additionally angered the anti-vaccination groups by explaining that the fact the disease is showing up in California is due in part because people in California are given the option of opting out of getting vaccines for diseases like the measles. He promoted his notion that vaccines are extremely important for the overall health of our nation. Though he didn’t outright push for mandating vaccinations, he did exclaim, “Isn’t this a perfect example of what happens when you don’t mandate it [vaccinations]?”

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