Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sometimes you are lucky enough to find a reporter who is willing to write the truth, as this man does

Lessons of the Virginia TV Murders Mark Davis | Aug 28, 2015


The aftermath of a tragedy is always a clash of agendas, as various sides rush into the spotlight to score some quick points while attention is high.  
In the hours and days following the massacre of two young journalists by a race-obsessed monster, some truths took shape that can make us wiser before the next burst of evil— and there will be more. 
   1) This was, in every sense of the term, a hate crime. Vester Lee Flanagan was a powder keg of racial hatred ignited by his own self-poisoned attitude. A constant troublemaker with a permanently fused chip on his shoulder, he roamed his sorry life looking for opportunities for contrived indignation.
   If a twisted white punk kills black people to ignite a race war, the black murderer who takes him up on it joins him in the evil stew of hate. 2) We do not need gun control, we need self-control.

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