Tuesday, December 8, 2015

And what about the millions of "assault" rifles already out there ? Are you going to turn yours in ?? I'M NOT !

White House: Reinstating 'Assault' Weapons Ban to Prevent Terrorism is Common Sense Katie Pavlich | Dec 08, 2015

Speaking to reporters from the White House Tuesday, Press Secretary Josh Earnest suggested the 1990s, Clinton era ban on semi-automatic sporting rifles, better known as the assault weapons ban, is common sense and should be reinstated to prevent terrorism and crime in America. 
    "I think what the President would say based on his comments from Sunday night is that we are seeing extremist organizations, including ISIL, trying to radicalize people in the United States to essentially mimic the tactics of other mass shooters in this country. So, there certainly is a national security benefit to closing the gun show loophole or reinstating the assault weapons ban," Earnest said .

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