Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I've said it before....as long as nothing is done, these "kids" will continue to riot. Hit them where it hurts, in their parents pocketbooks. Fine them and if not paid, put them in jail. It's the LACK of parenting that is most of the problem with these young ANIMALS...

Mall Brawls: Teens Terrorize Holiday Shoppers

Todd Starnes | Dec 28, 2015                      
You might want to slip on a Kevlar vest and some body armor the next time you head down to the local mall to do some shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond or the Pottery Barn.
 The entitlement generation is on the rampage - turning many of our nation's shopping centers into war zones.
 Over the long holiday weekend, mobs of unsupervised teenagers terrorized shoppers and department stores across the fruited plain.
 As many as 2,000 teenagers rioted Saturday night at the Mall St. Matthews in suburban Louisville, Kentucky.

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