Saturday, January 2, 2016

This Is EXACTLY What Liberalism Looks Like!

One man, 13 moronic women and 15 kids destined to be raised by the state … this, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what liberalism looks like.
Cue the Obama World-Herald:
When Norman Bennett got out of prison, he was supposed to become a productive member of society.
This wasn’t what anyone had in mind.
Bennett became a reproductive citizen: At age 31, he has at least 13 kids by 11 women.
That’s a tentative tally, because various court records seem to indicate that the Omaha man may have 15 kids by 13 women. Or more.
That court officials weren’t sure how many children he has speaks to the jaw-dropping nature of his case.
So does this: Bennett owes at least $50,000 in child support.
… Whether Bennett pays up or not, the women he impregnated are receiving child support through the welfare program formerly known as Aid to Dependent Children.
In other words, state and federal taxpayers are partly footing the bill for Bennett’s brood.
Where do I even begin?
  • Unrepentant thug … √
  • Women with zero sense … √
  • Out-of-wedlock births … √
  • Single-parent homes … √
  • Children destined to fail … √
  • Boatloads of welfare … √
  • Personal responsibility … Ο
According to local attorney Meagan Spomer, this pitiful tale is nothing, in that she reportedly knows of a worthless deadbeat dad with a whopping 23 kids by 15 equally moronic women.
The best part about all this is that we the sensible taxpayers who work 40+ hours a week, save our money and act responsibly get to pay for these despicable people’s endless torrent of “mistakes.”
I surrounded mistakes with quotes because honestly, it seems to me like these sorts of folks lack the intellectual capacity to even realize the errors of their ways. Bennett certainly lacks it, and I bet you every dollar in my bank account that these women will continue to date thugs.
What motivation is there for them to even change, when they know that their government is there, ready and willing to pave their road with free money disguised in “good intentions?”
But let me be clear: This is NOT just a black thing.
Take a trip to Walmart some time, and you’ll see this exact same malady replicated a thousand times over in whites and Latinos, though to be fair, it seems most prevalent among blacks.
Regardless, it’s really not a black or white thing; it’s LIBERALISM, and this is exactly what it looks like!
H/T Breitbart

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