Friday, October 7, 2016

FBI Director Should Start To Pack Himself For Jail: Witness Reveals What Bill Clinton Said To Loretta During “Secret Plane Meeting”!

By Conservative Army

Loretta Lynch got orders from Bill Clinton, and she is James Comey’s boss, so now finally we know why James Comey saved Hillary from indictment.

He should start packing for jail from tonight!
According to Conservative 101:
It’s a fact that Bill Clinton had an hour long, secret meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch aboard a plane. The sickening aspect of this is that this meeting took place at the same time Hillary Clinton was supposedly getting investigated by the FBI.
As Director of the FBI, James Comey was the head of that investigation of Hillary’s email crimes. Since Loretta Lynch is Comey’s boss, she is someone who, of course, had the power to dictate the outcome of that “investigation.”

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