Friday, November 11, 2016

Or are the protesters paid for by george soros ? Saw yeaterday where protesters were bussed in to Austin Texas, 1/2 dozen busses ?? Who paid $$

Trump: I 'Love' That Protesters Show 'Passion' for America
President-elect Donald Trump, just hours after complaining on Twitter about "professional protesters" taking to the streets to protest his election, pivoted in a Friday morning tweet that said he loves protesters' "passion" for their country.

On Thursday night, he had complained that the protests were "unfair" and prompted by the media:

Both tweets marked the strongest words from Trump on Twitter since Tuesday's election results became clear and large crowds of people took the streets across the country to protest. The protests continued Thursday night.
His messages also come following a report in The New York Times that Trump's aides took control of his Twitter account, in hopes of keeping a lid on his often-controversial tweets, and after his words of unity during his victory speech and after meeting with President Barack Obama in the White House Thursday.
Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway debunked the Times report earlier this week, telling MSNBC's Morning Joe program that he had his phone and would probably call her and show host Mika Brzezinski once her segment ended.
The two Trump tweets also mark the first time the president-elect has addressed the protests rocking the nation's cities. However, Thursday night, Conway defended Trump and his ability to unite Americans, calling on protesters to listen to his victory speech, reports CNN.
In that speech, she told CNN's Anderson Cooper, Trump said he'll be a president "'for all Americans, including those who did not support me and won't support me.'"
Conway also called on protesters to look to Trump's meeting with Obama.
"Less than 36 hours after being elected president of the United States, Donald Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, our next first lady, went down to Washington and met with President and First Lady Obama," said Conway. "I think people should really echo what happened today in Washington. It was a great meeting...Mr. Trump was just very happy with the meeting today."
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