Friday, November 11, 2016

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This is a disgrace to this country. I think the way the "black lives matter" protests were handled has a lot to do with what is going on now. BLM were allowed to get away with mass destruction and civil disobedience. Burn, loot and destroy. BLM however were mainly blacks, these protestors rioters seem to be young whites, college and high school students (one interviewed only 15 years old, hardly old enough to know what an election is about.
The authorities need to put a stop to this soon, I remember what was said of Obama, he can still declare martial law. I don't know how that would work now that Trump has been elected as our new president. It was said that before the election Obama could suspend it as long as we were under martial law, how would that work now ?
In any case, enough is enough, if killary had won do you think the Trump supporters would have reacted this way ? When is someone from the democrat party or the white house going to make some kind of statement condemning these actions ?
these are not protesters, they are animals..........

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