Tuesday, December 6, 2016

GOP plotting massive taxpayer bailout to save Obamacare
By D.E Dec 5, 2016
Capitol Hill at Night. Photo: Kelly McCarthy
Capitol Hill at Night. Photo: Kelly McCarthy
You just got sold out.
As Obamacare sputters into its eighth year, the Republican leaders elected on a promise to repeal the boondoggle are instead planning a massive taxpayer-funded bailout of Obamacare insurance policies.
“Republican congressional staffers are in talks with insurers about policies they could implement to help improve their financial situation in that interim period and prevent a breakdown in the market, according to three Republican lobbyists,” Capitol Hill insider newspaper “The Hill” reports.
“Any policies favorable to insurers could be politically treacherous for Republicans, given that they have railed for years against ObamaCare “bailouts” of insurance companies. It is also unclear if any
policy changes would be enough to convince insurers to stay,” The Hill reports.

“They (Republicans) want to pump money back in to the insurers without appearing like they’re giving them a handout or bailing them out,” an anonymous lobbyist tells The Hill.

Republican also say they’re planning a “repeal” strategy that would take several years, instead of happening all at once.
With Democrats just three seats away from a Senate majority, and the party not in control of the White House traditionally gaining seats in the next election, that means Democrats will almost certainly at some point retake the Senate before Obamacare can be repealed — saving the program.
Instead of Obamacare being repealed as promised, under Republican leadership the most likely scenario is insurance companies will receive billions of tax dollars in bailout funds for a repeal the GOP knows will never be completed.

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