Saturday, December 10, 2016

The right thing for Clinton to do...step down's a clinton

Democratic electors pushing for Kasich
Response Action Network
The small group of Democratic presidential electors trying to sway their Republican counterparts to switch their votes to anyone but Trump continues apace. And now, they are making contact with the Clinton campaign. The reason? One of New York's electors is none other than Bill Clinton. But to its credit, Hillary's campaign is not overly receptive to the effort:
The electors leading the anti-Trump push say they’re operating without regard to the Clinton campaign’s views and without its assistance. To some leaders of the anti-Trump effort, the lack of formal
Democratic Party engagement is an asset as they attempt to woo Republicans.
“We’re really doing this on our own,” said Polly Baca, a Democratic elector from Colorado and organizer of "Hamilton Electors," the group encouraging Republican defections from Trump. “This is something we have to do as electors. This is our responsibility.”

But Clinton will not be able to avoid getting drawn into the
Electoral College machinations. That’s because her husband —former President Bill Clinton — is a Democratic elector from New York. Aides to the former president have declined repeated requests for comment on whether he intends to fulfill the role or pass it to an alternate when New York’s Electoral College members convene in Albany on Dec. 19. Baca has indicated that she intends to reach
out to all electors — including Clinton — for support

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