Wednesday, August 23, 2017

John Ransom  August 21 
Violence is violence no matter who does it. We are still a country of laws, not masked children posing as revolutionaries. The difference between fascists and socialists is in the ownership of property, not in the abhorrence of hate. Both sides use violence and hate. One side believes in the private ownership of property. The other side outlaws it. There is nothing to pick between them. Nothing has much changed since the election of Trump. If Trump is a fascist then so was Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman. In fact, groups like the KKK offer nothing substantial to the right, while the left does support the socialist antifascisti, a completely foreign group to American history, imported from Europe. Because Democrats are so sure Europe has it crap together.

A petition put up just days ago urging the Trump administration to label the left-wing Antifa a “terror group” has attracted well over the 100,000 signatures needed to merit a formal White House response.
The left-wing group has been the subject of intense scrutiny in recent days after President Trump controversially blamed “both sides” for the violence in Charlottesville, where a counter-protester at a white supremacist rally was killed in a car attack.
Trump’s criticism of violence on the “alt-left” was seen as a swipe at groups like Antifa, whose “anti-facist” members have been known to clash with groups ranging from Trump supporters to white supremacists and neo-Nazis. Trump was hammered for seeming to equate Charlottesville counter-protesters with neo-Nazis – but in the days since, Antifa’s tactics at other rallies have been the subject of numerous media reports.


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