Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Who’s funding these violent liberal riots? You guessed it…By Kelly
From our friends at American Liberty PAC comes this story and a request to help in their campaign to Deport George Soros.
George Soros can legally fund American liberals because he secured U.S. citizenship.  But did you know he may have legally forfeited it, and can be deported and banned from U.S. politics?
  Click here to sign the petition to DEPORT GEORGE SOROS!

It seems every time more than three liberals get togther, people get stabbed and shot, and buildings are set on fire.
And someone is paying them to do it, as evidenced by Craigslist ads and college campus posters offering to pay people to form anti-Trump mobs.
So who’s funding it?
You guessed it.
Lifezette reports:

…A year ago, Breitbart reported that hacked Open Society Foundation documents showed that the George Soros-funded group gave Black Lives Matter groups $650,000. The Ford Foundation subsequently announced that it was launching a fundraising campaign to raise $100 million to support Black Lives Matter.

It’s unclear how often individual protesters are paid a fee to protest, but regardless, the organizational side of the unrest is becoming big business. The movement first attracted attention with violence in the streets during the Ferguson riots. A raised fist brings notoriety, and notoriety brings in big money. It’s a clear exchange…

…The Black Lives Matter movement, and the many other “social justice” groups being funded by Soros, now have the money to not just pay protesters, but to employ full-time activists who can devote their lives to organizing, disrupting, and shutting down planned and permitted events whose organizers or speakers they find offensive, he said.

It’s unknown how much Soros money is funding Antifa protesters. But there is hard evidence that paid protesters were instigating violence at Trump and Pence events during the presidential campaign.

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