He was asked about Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak’s meetings with Trump officials.
Peskov noted that they’re meetings were routine and were normal for someone in Kislyak’s position.
But what was newsworthy was Peskov noting that Kislyak may have had similar meetings with Clinton campaign officials.
Townhall reports:
“CNN’s Fareed Zakaria sat down with Dmitry Peskov, a spokesperson for the Kremlin, who said that no election talk was discussed throughout the 2016 election with either campaign. He noted, as have others, that the meetings Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak had with aides of Donald Trump isn’t scandalous, and that Kislyak was doing his job.
“This is his job. He was talking about bilateral relations. He was talking about what is going on the in the United States, so we have a better understanding In Moscow,” said Peskov. Even our own ambassador to Russia conducts meetings like this because, as Peskov noted, the more an ambassador talks to the people in his country of residence—the better job he does.
Concerning similar-style meetings between members of the Clinton campaign and Kislyak, Peskov said, “If you look at some people connected with Hillary Clinton during her campaign, you would probably see that he had lots of meetings of that kind.”
This changes the story.
Up until now, the media has portrayed Kislyak as only meeting with the Trump team.
It helped shape the narrative that the Russians were colluding with the Trump campaign in order to help Trump win.
But if Kislyak was also meeting with the Clinton team it would have destroyed the endless news cycles about “undisclosed” meetings with the Russian Ambassador and the Trump team.
The media pounced on these meetings as an excuse to keep the Russia fake news alive because they claimed the meetings “raised more questions” about Trump’s relationship with the Russians.
That leaves out half the story.
Uncovering the context of the meetings would have meant the media would have needed to ask questions about whether the Clinton team held similar meetings with the Russian Ambassador.
Had they done so, it would have forced them to publish less sensational stories and headlines.
We know from over one year of Russia coverage that the media isn’t interested in truth or facts.
They are pursuing a “get Trump” narrative.