Thursday, September 28, 2017

CNN: Republicans Sour on GOP, Not Trump

Republicans are happy with President Donald Trump but have soured toward the Republican Party, according to poll numbers analyzed by CNN.
Sixty-three percent of Republicans say they are "angry" at the GOP, according to a CNN poll released Sunday, but that number has climbed by nearly 30 percent since March compared to the number of Republicans who are "angry" at Democrats. Thirty-seven percent in March said they were only angry at Democrats, but only 14 percent are upset with the party now.
Only 66 percent of Republicans have a favorable view of their party, according to the Sunday poll, compared to 88 percent in March. Among Trump supporters, that number has dropped from 76 percent to just 56 percent.
A vast majority of Republicans disapprove of GOP lawmakers, with just
20 percent overall saying they think Congressional leaders are doing a good job compared to 39 percent in January.

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