The NFL has backed themselves into a corner.
Following the unpatriotic protests during the national anthem, their viewers are turning on them.
And one business owner is fed up, and with one email sent the NFL some terrible news.
Allan Jones is the CEO and founder of the company Check Into Cash, that operates in 29 states.
His ads have been running during NFL games for a while.
But when he saw the unpatriotic refusal to stand for the national anthem coming from many NFL athletes, he was furious.
He sent an email to the NFL demanding they remove all of his company’s ads that are running during NFL games because his company will not condone any form of unpatriotic demonstration.
As reported News Channel 9 in Cleveland, TN:
“Check Into Cash founder and Cleveland, Tennessee native Allan Jones weighed in on the ongoing NFL national anthem protests Tuesday night. Jones posted to his Facebook page that he is pulling all commercials for Check Into Cash, Buy Here Pay Here USA, and U.S. Money Shops during NFL games for the rest of the season.
In 2014, Cleveland business Hardwick Clothes was fighting bankruptcy and it seemed like its more than 130 years of experience might not make it another season.
That’s when Jones stepped in to give the clothing brand a new chance.
In his Facebook post, he says not to look for Hardwick Clothes on the NFL either.”
After sending that email, Jones went to Facebook to explain why he sent it, and why he refuses to run his company’s ads during NFL games.
He posted:
“For the 29 States we operate in, this isn’t much to them, but it’s a lot to us. The Tombras group is our ad agency in Knoxville and our national media buyer for both TV and Radio…… and don’t look for Hardwick on the NFL either. Our companies will not condone unpatriotic behavior! TAKING A STAND…NOT A KNEE!”
Jones proved his company supports our country, and its veterans, and will not give in to pressure from anti-America extremists.
But Jones isn’t the only business owner taking a stand.
In the very same city that Jones lives, a local restaurant called Baxter’s announced they will no longer play NFL games in their establishment, as the protests are disrespectful to veterans.
Tons of other companies are backing out of their support of the NFL, either under pressure from customers, or out of their own disgust.
And even more Americans have taken a stand by refusing to watch NFL games.
The backlash from consumers was so large that DirecTV decided to offer refunds for those who purchased the NFL Sunday Ticket package who were offended by the demonstrations.
It is becoming clear that disrespecting America, and its veterans is not a good business move.
And as more and more Americans tune out, the NFL may finally be forced to take action against unpatriotic behavior at their games.