Monday, February 26, 2018

Busted: Incompetent, Preening Broward County Sheriff Gets Caught in a Lie   Guy Benson Posted: Feb 26, 2018

As the hours and days pass, it's becoming increasingly
apparent how terribly law enforcement -- and especially
the Broward County Sheriff's office -- bungled its
collective handling of the Parkland massacre, from
ignoring multiple red flags leading up to the horrific
incident to deadly inaction during the shooting
itself. We can now add 'lying after the fact' to the
list. Facing intense questions about the department's
disastrous responseto explicit warning signs about the
perpetrator, the Sheriff's officereleased an indignant
statement at nearly 10 pm on Saturday night. The media's
coverage was unfair, the memo suggested, because an
inaccurate statistic was being reported for public

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