Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Former Federal Prosecutor: Pay Attention to What Andrew McCabe Lied About    Guy Benson Posted: Apr 24, 2018

We've been all over the recent developments involving former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe's effective suspension, firing, and possible prosecution -- as well as his huffing and puffing about potential lawsuits against the Trump administration. Amid all the tribal yelling and partisan fingerprinting, this much is indisputable: McCabe ordered an unauthorized leak to the Wall Street Journal in July of 2016, then "lacked candor" (i.e. lied) about it on at least four occasions, including under oath. For this, he was fired, based on the recommendation of the Obama-appointed, nonpartisan Inspector General. The FBI's ethics office agreed. The IG also referred the case to the Justice Department for possible criminal charges, given McCabe's clear violation of the law. You cannot lie to federal investigators.

Former US prosecutor Andrew McCarthy -- whose insights into the entire Russia investigation saga and all of its offshoots, both favorable and unfavorable to President Trump -- are truly invaluable. We've quoted him at length throughout this ongoing drama, including just last week, when he explained why the Michael Cohen raids struck him as a sign of serious peril for Team Trump. In his latest piece, McCarthy recounts the circumstances of McCabe's firing and criminal referral, but argues that by fixating on those specifics, observers may lose sight of a critical element of the McCabe kerfuffle: Namely, what the original leak he authorized (which triggered the cascade of lies) was about:

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