Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Blacks want all the memorials to the Civil War taken down, all the streets and buildings named after confederate officers changed. They want all the confederate flags taken down because these things (*)REMIND THEM OF SLAVERY. And NOW that they have been somewhat getting their way, they put up a memorial to "LYNCHING" complete with figures in chains. WHAT MORE OF A REMINDER COULD THERE BE TO SLAVERY ?? White people need to quit CAVING in to every whim black people have....I don't feel guilty over anything that happened to blacks over the years and guess what,....I NEVER OWNED A SLAVE ! ! and I refuse to be held responsible for anything my ancestors may have done ! ! ! They want "reparations"...Go get "REPARATIONS" from the tribes in Africa that captured you and your friends and families then sold you to the slave traders in the first place. OH wait, that wouldn't fit their agenda, they were BLACK AFRICANS...(kind of like "black lives matter", it's OK blacks get killed by blacks, just as long as they're not killed by whitey)

New lynching memorial evokes terror of victims
By KIM CHANDLER, Associated Press

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Visitors to the new National Memorial for Peace and Justice first glimpse them, eerily, in the distance: Brown rectangular slabs, 800 in all, inscribed with the names of more than 4,000 souls who lost their lives in lynchings between 1877 and 1950.

Each pillar is 6 feet (2 meters) tall, the height of a person, and made of steel that weathers to different shades of brown. Viewers enter at eye level with the monuments, allowing a view of victims' names and the date and place of their slaying.

As visitors descend downward on a slanted wooden plank floor, the slabs seemingly rise above them, suspended in the air in long corridors, evoking the image of rows of hanging brown bodies.

The memorial and an accompanying museum that open this week in Montgomery are a project of the nonprofit Equal Justice Initiative, a legal advocacy group in Montgomery. The organization says the two sites will be the nation's first "comprehensive memorial dedicated to racial terror lynchings of African Americans and the legacy of slavery and racial inequality in America."

There is one column for each of the 800 U.S. counties where researchers uncovered lynchings. Most of the roughly 4,400 killings happened in the South, but states coast-to-coast are represented.

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