Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Inspector General Releases Draft Report Of Clinton Email Scandal  by
Many people say Huber already has a grand jury in motion.

Inspector General Horowitz just released his draft report to the FBI and DOJ. Soon, it will be in front of Congress, and will know what happened during the Clinton email server investigation.

In 2016, evidence uncovered in an investigation by the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation showed that Hillary Clinton committed a crime, for which she was never charged.

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, at the behest of President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has spent more than a year reviewing the case. Now, his full report is close to release, the draft version has been sent to the FBI and the DOJ. It seems that the contents of the report were enough to cause U.S. Attorney John Huber to already impanel a grand jury. Hopefully, his report shows the real wrongdoing and there will be no more cover-ups of criminal Clinton conduct.

Hillary Clinton was investigated because classified information was found on her personal email server (and other people’s laptops). Generally, removing classified information is a crime in the United States. However, for some reason, even though there was plenty of evidence, her supporters in the FBI helped her skirt punishment.

This watchdog report, painstakingly researched since January 2017, will tell the American people WHY she was never charged, and what happened during the investigation that led to that conclusion.
If report is accurate, it will likely lead to indictments. U.S. Attorney John Huber was brought into the investigation late in 2017, and many accounts suggest that he has already impaneled a grand jury. Generally, that only happens when a government prosecutor is preparing to charge people with federal crimes.
According to Representative Jim Jordan, a republican from Ohio, a number of people are anxiously awaiting the release of this report.

Jordan, and others in Congress, first found out that the report was done in a letter delivered on Wednesday. In that letter, the Inspector General, who has held that position since 2012, said that he had sent the draft report to both the FBI and the DOJ, so that they can suggest necessary redactions to protect classified and sensitive information.

Horowitz has looked at many things in preparing this report, including claims that it was improper for James Comey to make his recommendation about not prosecuting then-candidate Hillary Clinton public.
Since the report has not been released for the public’s consumption yet, it’s hard to know what it will contain. However, there is some evidence to suggest a few things about the report.
For example, the report has already resulted in a criminal referral for Andrew McCabe, which put him in legal jeopardy


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