The “spygate” scandal is reaching crisis levels.
FBI and Department of Justice officials are being forced to share details of the attempts to implant a spy in the Trump campaign in a meeting with members of Congress.
But before the meeting could even take place, Trey Gowdy shut down the Deep State leakers with these nine words.
Congress – led by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes – has been pressing the DOJ and FBI to turn over documents relating to the efforts of an FBI spy snooping around the Trump campaign.
The FBI and DOJ have responded with the laughable claim that turning over these documents would risk exposing the source’s identity and threaten national security.
These claims were blown out of the water when leaks that clearly came from the DOJ and FBI about the spy’s biography appeared in the New York Times and the Washington Post which rendered it child’s play to guess the spy’s identity.
Congress is empowered to conduct oversight, and given that the FBI used the fake news Christopher Steele dossier to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page, there is every reason to suspect that the intentions of the FBI to sicc a spy on Trump were not on the up-and-up.
So the DOJ was forced to obey the Constitution and set up a briefing for Trey Gowdy and Devin Nunes on spygate.
But the Democrats complained about not being included—even though the leaks have come from Democrats and their allies in the Deep State.
That’s when Gowdy responded to their grumbling with nine simple words: “Show up with an open mind and closed lips.”

The Daily Caller reports:
“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer sent a letter requesting that a meeting between Trump and the House Intelligence Committee be bipartisan.
Gowdy said he doesn’t care who attends the meeting, but the only thing he would ask is “if you’re going to show up, show up with an open mind and closed lips.”
“In other words, don’t leak like a sieve when we get through with the meeting,” Gowdy continued.
The South Carolina Republican said that many members of the House have already moved to impeach the president before Special Counsel Robert Mueller released any report on his investigation. 
Gowdy added that he is willing to sit down with “a Democrat who is serious about what our law enforcement agencies did in 2016,” but added that it’s not his meeting and he is not in charge of the invite list.”
Gowdy’s comments about leaking struck a nerve.
The last time Gowdy and Nunes met with Rosenstein about getting documents about the spy, Rosenstein – or his Deep State allies – leaked that the White House came down against Nunes and Gowdy and agreed with the DOJ in protecting the documents they sought.
That was not the case.
So Gowdy fired a warning shot that similar behavior will not be tolerated.